Cascadian Flintkote 5 Bitumen Emulsion
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Cascadian Flintkote 5 Bitumen Emulsion

Price: USD 605/-(FOB, Pasir Gudang, in A+ Drums. Valid until 04/05/2013)
USD 575/-(FOB, Pasir Gudang, in A   Drums. Valid until 04/05/2013)

Cascadian Flintkote 5 Bitumen Emulsion is a single-pack, fibrated and stable water-borne emulsion which cures to form a firm and flexible bitumen waterproofing membrane. Cascadian Flintkote 5 is designed for use on horizontal and vertical surface. Cascadian Flintkote 5 is suitable for use as waterproof membrane on concrete, asbestos cement, roofing felt, mastic asphalt, slates, tiles and metal surface.

  • Waterproofing Typical applications will include concrete roofs,
         asbestos cement roof, exposed metal roofs, rejuvenation of asphalt
         roof, retaining walls, external concrete walls, above-grade floor slabs,
         bathrooms, kitchens, balconies and planter boxes.

  • Insulation Provides a vapour barrier for cold
         storage rooms, mushroom houses and similar
         installations. Suitable for application in food stores.

  • Concrete Protection To protect concrete from
         carbonation, spalling and sulphate attack.

  • Metal Protection As a protective coating against corrosion
         of pipes, structural steelworks and other metallic equipment.

  • Easy to apply by brush, trowel and sprayer.

  • Built-in short fibre enhances the membrane’s toughness and durability.

  • Forms a seamless and lap free membrane over the substrate.

  • Water-based and non-toxic.

  • Cures to form a flexible resilient waterproofing barrier over a wide range of temperatures.

  • No flow or sagging of the film at elevated temperatures even on vertical surface.

  • Cures to form a flexible resilient waterproofing barrier over a wide range of temperatures.

  • Excellent adhesion to the concrete substrate prevents lateral migration of water under.

  • Can be applied to damp surface without standing water such as green concrete surface.


  • ASTM D1227-79 Type 4: American Standard For Emulsified
         Asphalt Used as Protective Coating for Roofing

  • SS-133: Singapore Standard For Bitumen Emulsion For Roof Waterproofing

    Liquid applied bituminous waterproof membrane where shown
    on the drawings shall be Cascadian Flintkote 5 bitumen emulsion
    obtained from Cascadian . It should be used in accordance with
    Cascadian’s current product data sheet.

  • Surface Preparation
         Surfaces shall be dry, clean and free from dust, dirt, oil, grease,
         moss and loose material.

  • Priming
         1) a coat of 1:1 mixture of Cascadian Flintkote 5 and water or
         2) Cascadian Flintkote PF-4 Bitumen Paint or Cascadian Flintkote
              Penetration Primer at a coverage of 0.1 - 0.15 ltr/m2. Allow to dry
              prior to Flintkote 5 application. Metal surfaces must be primed with
              Cascadian Flintkote PF-4 Bitumen Paint or Cascadian Flintkote Penetration
              Primer at a coverage of 0.1 - 0.15 ltr/m2. Allow to dry prior to Flintkote 5 application.

  • Membrane Application
         Stir the emulsion well before use. Cascadian Flintkote 5 may be
         applied by roller, brush or spray for a minimum of 2 coats. Allow to
         dry between coats and apply each coat at right angles to the previous
         coat. Cascadian Flintkote 5 normally cures within 24 hours of application.
         For maximum durability, the coating can be reinforced with Cascadian Flintkote
         FG4 fabric or equivalent. Protect from rain and frost until cured. For exposed
         surface subjected to direct sunlight, apply 2 coats of Cascadian Flintkote
         Aluminium or Cascadian Flintkote Decoralt on the cured membrane.

    Coverage rates will vary depending on the actual surface environment
    and application. The typical coverage is about 1.5litres/m2 for 2 coats
    application. A short-fibre reinforced bitumen emulsion for general
    waterproofing, concrete protection and metal protection.


  • Flammability : Non-flammable

  • Skin Contact : Occasional contact is unlikely to have any adverse
    effect except on particularly sensitive skin. As a general precaution,
    avoid repeated or prolonged contact. Remove skin contamination when
    wet with water. Use a proprietary hand cleaner if the product has dried.

  • Eye Contact: Unlikely to cause damage, no special
    precautions are necessary. However, as eyes are a
    sensitive area, contact should be avoided. In the event of
    accidental contact, irrigate immediately with plenty of water.

    Clean immediately after use with water. Use kerosene or white spirit if
    the material has dried. During work, place tools in water when not in use.

    A minimum of 12 months in original sealed
    containers stored under cover at temperature between
    5°C and 40°C. Must be protected from freezing conditions.

    Ancilliary Products

  • Cascadian Flintkote PF-4 Bitumen Paint - 17 litre

  • Cascadian Flintkote Penetration Primer - 18 litre

    Complementary Products

  • Cascadian Flintkote Decoralt - 18 litre

  • Cascadian Flintkote Aluminium Paint - 18 litre

  • Cascadian Flintkote FG4 fabric - 1m x 100 m per roll

    (Note: Please confirm with the local Cascadian Company for product availability.)

    PRODUCT DATA SUMMARY (Property Test Typical Values)

    Colour Wet - Brown
    Colour Dry - Black
    Appearance Tick - smooth cream
    Solid Content - > 50%
    Specific Gravity - About 1
    Surface Drying Time - 4 to 6 hours, depending on temperature and humidity
    Coverage - 0.50 - 0.75 litre / m² per coat
    Flash Point Water-based - Non Flammable
    Heat Resistance - 100ºC. No flow,sag or blistering
    Water Vapour Transmission - ASTM E96 5g / m² / 24 hours
    Tensile Strength - Reinforced with FG4 ASTM D412 2 N / mm²
    Shore A Hardness - Reinforced with FG4 ASTM D2240 50
    Crack Bridging - Reinforced with FG4 ASTM C836 Able to bridge 2mm crack
    Chemical and Water Resistance - Resistant to water, alcohol, most salt solutions, some dilute acids and alkalis. Not resistant to oil, solvents and some detergent solutions

    Typical values may represent average values from samples tested.

    (Grade A+) Brand New Drum

    (Grade A) Recondition Drums . 
    External painted in Black   
    Internal washed and 100% cleaned

    (Grade B) Recondition Drums .
    External painted in Black
    Internal containing 2 to 3 Kg
    Foreign material .

    (Grade C) Recondition Drums .
    External unpainted .
    Internal containing 2 to 3 Kg Foreign material .

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